Ayurveda is famous for its nourishing, yet effective, approach to cleansing. We generally cleanse the body of accumulated dosha at the junctures of seasons, in fall and/or spring. This can be a great way to boost immunity before the cold and allergy seasons, as well as provide a “reset button” at regular intervals to ensure the integration of healthy routines as life is constantly changing. The method includes a very specific and simple, 3 meals/day diet of kichari, and snehana (application of natural oils) to loosen and release impurities. Expensive supplements are not required. You can do it all at home, maintain your responsibilities, and forge new habits. The process requires 2-3 days of preparation, 4-7 days of cleansing, and 2-3 days of reintegration: about a 10-day process. To provide support, education, and community for cleansing is my purpose in facilitating group cleanse workshops and on-line forums.


  You and Me, babe.
Why:  Digestion gets gunked up over time and its good to eat clean for a bit and give your gut a chance to heal itself.  All it needs is a chance.  Think of this 7-10 day period as a Re-set button.
What:  The Ayurvedic approach to cleansing includes 3 meals/day and recorded meditations to begin each day.  There are 2 choices: a moderate 4-day Anytime Home Cleanse program of recipes and daily guidelines, or a 10-day Community Cleanse. Ten days includes a few days to warm up to it, a 3-5 day main cleanse, and a few days of reintegrating.  We use only whole foods, teas, and spices- no boxes of pills.  I will post clear instructions on a private Facebook group every day and provide a 50 page manual, with recipes, in PDF form.  This is something you can do comfortably while going about your daily life.  I offer different plans depending on how far (or not far) you want to go with this.  I will offer a firm container for those who work well with this approach, and encourage listening to the body's natural intelligence for those who need more lee-way.
Where:  We will begin with a conference call on the first morning of the Community Cleanse, where you will have an opportunity to personalize your approach according to your present diet and lifestyle.  
  On-line forum Oct 3-11.  
How:  Sign Up for either the Anytime Home Cleanse or the Fall Community Cleanse here.

Top Ten Things to Know About the Ayurvedic Cleanse


Q.  I've never done a cleanse before, can I still join? 
A.   If this is your first time joining the Community Cleanse, I will require you to follow a more gentle option. This way you will remain relaxed and able to take full benefit. If you are not new to Ayurvedic cleansing, remember the most powerful experience results from giving yourself plenty of space, however, there is a section of travel tips, and it is possible to follow a cleanse even when the season feels busy.
Q.  How do I join the Facebook group and conference call?
A.  When you purchase a cleanse program, you will receive a manual in PDF form which contains links to join the Facebook group. I will post the conference call information on the group. After the call, I will post a link to a recording of the call, if you were unable to join us live.
Q.  What if the dates don’t work for me?
A.  You can certainly shift things by a few days to accommodate life.  The main part of the cleanse can be shortened by a few days, but preparation and reintegration are important, so make sure you will have the opportunity to be conscious about what you eat for the duration of your cleanse.  You may get started and end up going longer or shorter than you thought.  People have also been successful in cleansing by following along on the Facebook group day by day, then putting what you learned into action in accordance with one’s own schedule. If the 10-day community cleanse dates intersect with a stressful time in your life, consider using the Anytime Home Cleanse program this time around.
Q.  What if I have too much going on right now?
A.  Check out the Anytime Home Cleanse, a 4-day more relaxed program. Look ahead to the next season's Community Cleanse.  Or come see me for a personal plan.
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Questions? Email me: kate@ayurvedaboston.com