Looking to Schedule a Consultation?  Check Calendar
Please note consultations are held at 1071 Beacon St in Brookline, or via Skype.  I am only taking new clients who come as referrals from existing clients: friends, family, and students. If you have been referred to me, or have already attended a workshop with me, please check my calendar, and get in touch. I can also refer any queries to a colleague.

Let’s partner up on making diet and lifestyle changes. Here is how it works: at the first meeting, I will get a clearer picture from you about your health background, present state of body/mind, and current routines. 

We will discuss your Prakriti (constitutional make up) and Vikriti (present state of imbalance). In this session, we will begin to see what qualities may be diminished in your present state, while other qualities may be in excess. Ayurveda uses foods, daily and seasonal rhythms, bodywork, and herbs to introduce beneficial qualities. Based on which dosha(s) may be aggravated or depleted, I will make diet and lifestyle suggestions to restore equilibrium to body/mind and with this, your body and mind into a state of health and happiness. 

I take great care to offer tips and resources for integrating and maintaining healthy routines that work with your daily schedule and responsibilities. These changes may take time, and we begin by focusing on the few things that are most likely to be effective for bringing you into balance during the present season and stage of life. As new routines are integrated, self-awareness will guide you into choices that support well-being. You may find it helpful to meet about once/month, or on a seasonal basis, depending on changes in health, schedule, climate, relationship, etc.  Meetings are held at Karma Yoga in the South End, or via Skype or phone.  

Fees: Initial Consult: $100 (1 hr- 1 hr, 15 minutes)

Follow-ups: $75 (45 minutes)   

Package deal:  Schedule initial consult, and a follow-up 4-6 wks later, and receive both for $160. 

Cancellation policy:  Half-fee due if cancellation is less than 24 hours advance.

Please check the calendar for appointment availability, then email me to set up a consultation.