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Looking ahead, I am posting the spring cleanse dates for those who are pre-planning. I highly recommend getting this on your calendar now, so you are sure to have the time for relaxing into spring cleaning. One's schedule can get filled up before you have begun paying attention. Preparation may the most important part of seasonal cleaning. 
Launch meeting at Down Under Yoga Brookline, 
April 12, 130-330
On-line forum and 9-day cleanse: April 18-27th.
A light cleanse at the junctures of fall and spring is recommended by classical Ayurveda as a preventative measure to ensure good health all year long. 

I recently contributed to Ayurveda Next Door's article, 10 Experts Tell Why You Should Cleanse with an Expert:

"Consulting an expert about an appropriate cleansing plan will take into consideration the strength of the participant, present states of imbalance, and the presence of ama, toxic sludge. These factors are weighed to determine the most effective plan. Ayurvedic cleansing can be gentle, and incredibly effective at the same time. A cleanse that is too radical can result in long-standing nervous energy, or Vata imbalance. I generally see, in my area, a tendency for participants to desire a strong experience- a "no pain, no gain" attitude. This is not the Ayurvedic way of bringing the being into balance, and to undertake cleansing with improper intention and attitude can do more harm than good."

Looking to learn about meditation or develop an awareness practice?
Buddhist Meditation group with Rich Ray | Monday nights 6-7PM | The Church at 67 Newbury Street, enter at Naga Gallery
Yoga for Spring

Please excuse the lack on information on the site. 

Practicing at home?  6 Bucks will get you an MP3 of my guided meditation so you can get your Ayurveda on.


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  • NH Farm to Table Yoga Retreat Join Kate ODonnell, Bristol Maryott, and Rich Ray at Bethel Farms in Hillsborough, NH for a week-end of fresh local food, Ayurvedic cooking, Jivamukti yoga, and nature. August 14 ...
    Posted Mar 20, 2015, 1:45 AM by Kate ODonnell
  • Coming Intro to Ayurveda Workshops Your opportunities this season to learn the basics: May 9, Home Yoga Andover, MA; June 20 or July 24, Down Under Yoga Brookline. Please see my workshops page for deatils
    Posted Mar 20, 2015, 1:44 AM by Kate ODonnell
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Looking to book an Ayurvedic Consultation? 
As I put time into the creation of educational media, such as The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook (to be published by Shambhala Dec 15th), and the coming launch of a new website and blog this spring- I am keeping a reduced appointment schedule. I am not taking any new clients until April, but existing clients may inquire about follow-ups and pre-cleanse consults. Please write to me for a referral if you would like to get started sooner.

Please visit my calendar to find a time, and email me to book it.
And find more information about cost, special packages, and what happens at a consultation here.   

Seasonal Recipe 

Deep Winter Treat
Serves 4
The warming qualities of raw honey and sweet spices mix with the fats and proteins of almonds at the time of year we need them most.

1/4 cup raw honey
1/4 cup raw almond butter
1/4 cup rolled oats
1/2 tsp sweet spice mix (see resource page)

Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mash together with a fork until thoroughly blended. It takes a little elbow grease. 

Form balls by rolling 2 tsp of batter between your hands. Keep in the fridge or eat immediately. 

Check the Resources page for more recipes.

Spring Diet Tips:

What Cookbook?

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook will be released by Shambhala Publications on December 15th. Stay tuned for info on our release party in Boston.  Check out last year's free e-book of spring recipes.  

This explains the lack of newsletters and new recipes lately.  It will be worth the wait.